Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Being Unoriginal

I too have hopped onto the Ikea Rast hack bandwagon. Its just so hard not to give in to blogger peer pressure. That and a $30 pricetag for a dresser/nightstand. Which, get this, was only $10 each for me! Here's the whole shebang. Ikea Seattle was doing interviews in local homes to take pictures and ask us questions like what's your favorite style chair (everyone else had told them Henriksdal and I was all Tobias), what kind of room layouts would you like to see displayed, blah blah. It was actually really fun. J made his famous snickerdoodles which the Ikea gals were so thankful for (I guess other people don't feed their guests) and after just half an hour they were on their way to the next home. My biggest thing was patios. A lot of apartments if not most in Seattle are outfitted with balconies so rooms featuring that layout would be great. Anyway for allowing us to be a part of Ikea Seattle, they gave us $50 in an Ikea gift card! After debating what to get (a gazillion plants to murder with my black thumb) I thought it would be a worthy investment to get matching nightstands with more drawer space. A year ago I bought the Ikea Nordli for its slim profile. One wall had a window and the opposite wall had a desk and dresser so we opted for one nightstand, like so.

It worked out for a while but when our friend moved out of our extra room, we decided to convert his old room into an office/guest room. So, while J was at work and I should've been studying, I moved our desk and dresser into the guest room, which opened up an entire wall of space. I measured and voila, two Rast dressers would fit perfectly, leaving just enough room to the master bath door. One Ikea trip and two vodka lemonades later... 

Please don't mind the unfinished bottom edge of that large abstract art. It was clearly a diy... Anyway, I was debating between a bin pull or a more modern tab pull. Because the width of the dresser, putting two bin pulls per drawer was too busy, not to mention way too expensive for my bedroom budget. In the end I went with the Blankett handles from Ikea. 

Each pack was $9.99 and I needed just three packs. They don't look like much in the box but I decided to spray mine oil-rubbed bronze for a more industrial look. The end result? 

They repeat that simple edge on our new duvet. My first adult non-Ikea bedding! Getting all growns-up here, folks. It's actually a linen cotton blend so its super light weight but still keeps in all the warmth. 

Sorry for the crap photos. A camera is on my wishlist! Toodles.


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