Sunday, June 9, 2013

Father's Day 2013: Pampering Frugal, Practical Dads

Father's Day is next Sunday. One week from today. Every store is exclaiming they have the best deals and dads favorite toys and menswear is on sale everywhere. At the urging of retailers I decided I should get on it and start researching what to get my dad, possibly a blazer or coat. So, like every other child this time of year, I asked mom.

Now, my dad is notoriously difficult to shop for. Of course he has the taste for finer things in life but a life of hard work and hard saving have left him with some old habits that will never change. We grew up frugal. We spent on what we needed and our vacations rarely exceeded a camping trip. I am proud to be my father's daughter and I've had those same values instilled in me but I splurge sometimes. Blame it on my generation but honestly, my life has been more privileged than my father's life, bless America. Anyway, I wanted to get him something he could and would use every day and I came up with simple self care. He stands at work every day and plays soccer every weekend despite some back pain (he had disc surgery and uses an inversion table regularly).  I had read great reviews on Dr. Scholl's Pain Relief Orthotics so I grabbed a pair targeted for lower back pain, along with some Adidas sport performance socks for his soccer weekends. Those two things didn't seem enough so I started hunting for a simple skincare product and found Clinique's SPF Moisturizer, now that there's more sun meaning my dads face is going to turn seventeen shades darker. 

Also, for the socks, I added a personal touch via Hello Lucky. They recently updated their free printables for Father's Day 2013, including sock sleeves, cards, beer labels, etc. Hop on over to see their amazing freebies!


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