Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Gallery Wall Is Up!

After two years of living here, I have made a LOT of holes in the walls. After patching some up and not wanting to do that again, here's what I've learned.

Be patient. Instead of rushing to hammer in a nail to put up that new frame, play around with everything first. Lay it all down on a large table or on the floor, like so.

Those large canvases are a diy, one inspired by the West Elm version. I wanted to make them cohesive, so they all use black, gray, white, and gold. I'm constantly adding more art as I find it/create it. 

Also, 3M tape! Their velcro strips hold up to seven pounds each for the medium size so no more holes! 

Girl Crush: Clare Elsaesser

I don't have the budget for "real" art. Between school, work, and you know, buying a thousand cups of yogurt on which to subsist while I go to school and work, there's not much left to invest in good art at the moment. But if I did somehow have the money, I'd buy everything this gal made.

I would love to add the Walking Trees to my gallery wall in the living room and will be my first "real" art purchase. Can't wait! 

Look What I Found!

Apologies for the weeks of nothingness on the blog! Nothing's really happened on the home front except... Ikea came to my house! They came for a little interview and to take a look at my home. It was a team of three wonderful gals dressed in those not so wonderful yellow Ikea shirts. We ate J's famous snickerdoodles and went over some questions, took some pictures, had an amazing time, blah blah. They probably say it to everyone, but they said our home was the BEST! I'll take it.

Other than that, the real meaning of this post is to go over my lucky garage sale finds. I forgot to take a picture of the items as they were on the street, but this is one of them:

They were two for $20! The seller's grandma lived in Japan in the 40's and 50's. Everything is solid wood, although the finish on them was bad, the metal was tarnished, and some hardware (those decorative circles) was missing. I wanted to modernize it a bit so I took off the handles (there are tiny knobs on the circle plates in the middle) and the decorative circles and painted it charcoal. All those metal details were hammered in so I had to painstakingly paint around every edge. Each one took about 90 minutes. Below is when the paint was still drying. 

Good ole' after. 

Total cost for this project was $20 but if you don't have paint and a brush, those would cost you about $15. Have you found any bargains lately? 

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