Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The New Mattress That Took Eternity To Get Here

We have an Ikea mattress. Of all the mattresses I have ever slept on in my life which includes the three inch toppers at the camp retreats, this is the worst. We needed a bed and our bedframe came with a mattress for $40 so we decided to save up for a good one later and just make do with this. It was fairly new and came with a cover so I washed it, sanitized it, washed it again and spent an  hour putting it back on. My fingers were raw. Fast forward about a year and we're waking up sore. As in it feels like someone beat us when we wake up. We have sore shoulders, collarbones, ribs, terrible back pain. The middle is dipped and there's no support anywhere. The past week I've been sleeping on the floor with my legs up on the bed because of the back pain (not completely the beds fault, I've had back problems for years now).

We finally bought a memory foam mattress four weeks ago. Ours was getting shipped from California, brand spanking new. They said it would ship in 2-3 business days. It shipped last week, after three weeks and it's now finally here, ready to be slept on. It's an eight inch thick memory foam mattress with an antimicrobial cover from Nature's Sleep. Best part after the fact that my back feels so much better after just two nights on it? It has a 20 year warranty. Now I just need a not-so-thick boxspring under it so I can "climb" into bed.


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