Thursday, July 11, 2013

DIY Tassel Garland: For People Who Can't Make Pom Poms

I tried making pom poms but they didn't work out... I kinda ended up shredding the paper as I was pulling it out from the center to make it in a ball. So, with the paper I had left, I made a tassel garland. I found the inspiration here:

I didn't have twine or a hot glue gun which you'll need if you follow the original instructions so I just used a LOT of string and one packet of tissue paper from Target which was $1.99, to come up with this. 

I know, the orange peel walls bug me too but I can't change them (#rentersproblems) so I'll just have to make do with some closet door makeovers later. Five easy instructions. 

1. Fold each sheet lengthwise.
2. Fold the sheet width wise. Your very long rectangle should now look like a less long rectangle. 
3. That width wise crease will be the top. Cut from the bottom up, leaving about two inches at the top. 
4. Unfold it all and roll the whole thing lengthwise. 
5. Twist the middles and wrap around with string, leaving a loop at the top. Pull through ribbon, string, etc and TA-DA!

I still want to add some white which is the tissue color I went to look for at Target at 10:55pm last night but they were out. This is currently too pink and coral for me - reminds me of a baby shower... for a girl... yea... Plus the white will work with all that string and my apartment is all gray, white, charcoal, navy blue... Yep... too much pink for me. I'll be back later with some white in it.


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