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WARNING: Before's are horrendous, after's are only a bit less horrendous. If you have a weak heart, look away! Also please note that these rooms are barely in the middle so there is still lots of work to be done and that I am working on getting better photos soon (most of these afters are just from my phone.) We're both students so all these changes have been made on a pretty non-existent budget. Thank you CL and Home Depot.

BEDROOM Before: 

BEDROOM Progress: 

There's the door on the left into the hallway, then the dresser, then the desk, then the door into our bathroom on the very right. I kept moving Ellie away but she just really wanted to sleep there. 

We're gonna be getting a new mattress and with that a box spring to raise this bed up a bit. We've had a low bed (thanks Ikea) for a few years and I just really want to elevate this room and "climb into bed" at night. The whole thing was a DIY project - inspired by Manhattan Nest's version, I made my own upholstered bed! More on that later :) The nightstand is from here. We got it because it's slim and when we pulled the bed away from the wall to make room for me to walk out of bed instead of crawl to the bottom, we needed a small scale, simple, cheap option and this comes with hidden cable storage which is a bonus cause Ellie chews any and all wires. 


MASTER BATHROOM Progress: New sink and vanity. 
We'll be getting a new mirror, hardwood floors, and a new coat of REAL white paint.  


That black sofa looked worse in person. Seams were coming apart, cushions were missing, etc and the one that J is so happily napping on is an ancient RH couch we got for free on CL. It had great bones with deep cushions but was beyond repair I could afford and didn't work with the space we envisioned. It wasn't long enough for our living room which is super rectangular. Enter this sectional... 


That sofa end piece is black but in a different fabric so I have to hunt that fabric down somewhere and replace it. It bothers me every. single. day. 
We added a Tylosand sectional (also Ikea, since discontinued) with a chaise, single unit, and a sofa unit on the other side. I'll get a better picture soon! Across it we still have to mount our 47" tv to the wall which J will be writing a guest post on and underneath that is the Nyvoll dresser that holds all the board games, xbox games, cords, xbox games, controllers... you get the idea.
DINING ROOM Progress: 

I don't really have a before shot of this. It used to have an ancient cherry dining table which was fine but not our taste. Then there was a futon that lived in the dining room with said table and the area just turned into a dead space for crap like grocery bags needing to be put away, shoes, unfinished projects, etc. Here it is all cleaned up with a glass top table, mixed chairs, a cabinet, and white plates of course.




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