Sunday, May 5, 2013

Patio Dreaming

My patio has blue floors. Like a dirty, murky," I was once sky blue but now I'm a sad piece of crap" kinda floor. I'm on the third floor and right in front is a giant oak tree that creates such beautiful leafy canopies for us in the summer. It currently holds old spray cans of paint and a strawberry plant that I have loved for years and is still thriving, despite the odds - I have a notorious black thumb. Hand. Soul? Somehow that strawberry and the succulent next to it are still alive though! With the warm weather and summer rolling in, I'm itching to get the patio finished although in reality it'll probably be "finished" next summer. In the meantime I whipped up a mood board of the direction I want our little outside oasis to go in, on a small budget of course. We really love clean, simple lines and little clutter and I wanted to extend that to the outside. I do want to go all out on the greenery but aside from that, very simple. Here it is:


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