Sunday, June 9, 2013

My First Grown Up Fan

We had a fan. From J's dad. It was entirely made of plastic except for the wire frame around the blades and the front and back of the frame were coming loose, spurring nightmares of the fan falling on my foot and chopping my toes off. The base was broken and light, so the fan tipped often and missing plastic pieces made the fan make clicking sounds when it oscillated left to right. And it was UGLY, people. Aesthetically displeasing, reminding me of all the hand-me-down crap fans we all had in our dormitories in college.

By now, you all know I'm a sucker for sales. Although I do justify them because I buy things I plan on buying anyway because we have a need for them, like a living room lamp and a fan for the bedroom for those randomly hot days and when Ellie likes to spray some new chair to claim it as her "territory." There are just oh so many joys of living with a feline :)

Head back one week ago from today and Target sent me a member email (yay RedCard) and advertised in its pages was my dream fan - the classic Hunter table fan. Down to $49.99 which was only a $5 sale but I had a $5 gift card and I could save 5% with my card. Total: $43.75. Yup. We're adventurous youngsters, shopping last minute on a Saturday night with discounts galore. As soon as we brought it home, Ellie commenced her smell test.

Don't mind the misplaced throw pillow and unmade bed. I'll post pictures of where I put it after I finish the bar *hint hint. 


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