Sunday, June 9, 2013

Date at the Market

Anyone who knows Seattle knows Pike's. It's where the fish mongers throw giant dead salmon, where blocks of flower vendors create bouquets til dusk, where the original Starbucks is (always busy), and where Le Panier is. J has a few friends who are bakers/supervisors there so we always stop by for some baked goods. They always smell so heavenly and I wish I had taken more pictures but it was packed and super warm in there (everything is baked on site so its usually pretty warm in there which is always nice since its usually cold and raining). Plus our friends weren't there so we decided no macarons (pictures of that next time) but I did snap these cookies.

Then we headed into the market for some fresh produce. It is pretty expensive compared to your local grocery store but everything is local and the fruit here is always so sweet. Like "I was picked when I was ready and ripe, not a month before so I could be shipped here" kinda taste. We'll go again on a less packed day for some more pictures. 

My favorite part: flowers GALORE. Winter doesn't have fresh flower bouquets so I usually wait til spring when I buy tulips for all over the apartment but after tulips come peonies, and I LOVE peonies too. 

We still had lots of daylight so we headed down to the Pier where there's a pirate haberdashery, lots of seafood restaurants, the Seattle Aquarium, seagulls everywhere, and the fairly new ferris wheel. 

We were both super hot and after paying $8 for parking we just hopped over to the closest restaurant and got a burger to split. I think I drank about four glasses of strawberry lemonade and J got some Mac N' Jacks beer. Reminder: it was HOT. Eating didn't take as long as we thought, we walked around the pier and contemplated taking a ferry ride to the island but decided we should plan a picnic for that later. We headed back to the car with thirty minutes left so we went to the Seattle Antiques Market which was a bust, but I did love these handles with just a bit of oriental touch. 

With that, we concluded our date. Honestly, we were a bit full from all the beverage drinking and walking was very uncomfortable with a full tummy in the heat. (Mothers in subtropical climates, I applaud you!) 


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